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Teen Therapy and

Services for Teens and 
Young Adults in the Annex



                                                                                                                               Supporting Youth from Teens to late-Twenties                                 Contact me for a free phone consultation                                                                      with Warmth, Respect and Humour


Sessions are informal and involve serious discussion as well as laughter.  There are no rules, and I actively foster trust, curiosity and openness - without judgement or shame.

I approach Therapy and Counselling as a collaboration in which a young person has the freedom and security to explore their thoughts and emotions, to make sense of their experiences and to improve their personal relationships. As well, we work together to develop skills to help manage anxiety, depression and anger. I treat Teens and Young Adults with respect and take what they say seriously. 

I have worked with a wide range of young people at CAMH and at the George Hull Centre.  I hold Graduate degrees both in Social Work and in Philosophy, and I have spent many wonderful years in the trenches as a Parent. 


I draw on many different therapeutic forms – Attachment Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, CBT and Mindfulness – but always in ways which are creative and engaging, with warmth, respect and with humour.

I work mostly with young people, from 12 to late twenties, but also directly with parents - individually or with their children.  


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21 Olive Ave.

 715 Bloor St. West

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